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ブリストル、〈HAPPY SKULL〉主宰のSEAN KELLYがスタートしたニューレーベル〈GHOST PHONE〉の第1弾。ストックしました。

BEN UFOプレイも話題になった「Hit It Tool」や、スクリューR&B, EBM等々。ミステリアス12インチ。 (サイトウ)


▼ Tracklisting

01.Quiet Stormsample
02.Hit It Toolsample
03.Single And Searchingsample

‘New label out of Bristol, Ghost Phone represents RnB's deep and club friendly potential with four anonymous versions from various artists. Hand picked from across the globe for their deep love and appreciation of the original sound, each producer brings thier individual style to the fore. Bending things out of shape for the freaks but still retaining the genres slick, sensual aesthetic.

Chopped and screwed soul gets the full dub treatment on opener ‘Quiet Storm’, alongside 'Hit it Tool' where bumping 2 step drums meet Bmore breaks for the most dance floor primed cut on the 12". B1: ‘Single And Searching’ floats pitched vocal snippets in to the clouds, layering them over misty eyed rave chords. Finally, there is the pale faced club shuffle of '2ON’.’



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