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AFRODEUTSCHE Break Before Make

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Boards Of CanadaやBola等を送り出したIDMの伝説的レーベル、GescomのAndy主宰〈SKAM〉から注目のリリース。ナイジェリア〜ロシア〜ドイツのルーツを持ち、マンチェスターをベースに活動するプロデューサーHenrietta Smith-Rolla。グラハム・マッセイ周辺で活動してきたミュージシャンだそうです。カセットとデータでリリースされていたアルバムがアナログリリースされました。アフリカンビートサイエンスと、クラフトワークやドレクシア達の深遠なエレクトロを受け継ぐ。エレキングの記事が詳細なのでこちらも是非。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Day Tunersample
B1.Work Itsample
B2.Now Whatsample
C1.Blanket Bansample
C4.You Heard Me The First Timesample
D1.The Middle Middlesample
D4.The Beginningsample

Afrodeutsche (Henrietta Smith-Rolla) is a British born Ghanaian/Russian/German artist, composer, producer, and DJ based in Manchester. Afrodeutsche's DJ style is a synthesis of Drexciya and Underground Resistance -- inspired selections, intercut with a variety of forward-thinking UK techno such as Bola and Lego Feet.

Her polyrhythmic compositions integrate a wide array of musical genres, including Afrofuturistic electro and techno, classical solo piano, and Detroit legacy house; all memorable journeys into deep, abstracted sound. Hosting a monthly radio show on the renowned NTS, Afrodeutsche entrances listeners with her idiosyncratic combinations of dark electro, breaks, footwork, ghetto tech, and jacking house. Forever evolving a fully live hardware show, Afrodeutsche has already appeared alongside celebrated producers Dopplereffekt and Carl Craig, with many more to come. Her remix of Montreal producer Marie Davidson's "Day Dreaming" was released in early 2019 on Ninja Tune. Praised by the Guardian for enacting a new wave of club music, named by Dummy Mag as one of 2019's most exciting artists, Afrodeutsche's spectacular debut album Break Before Make will be released on the legendary Skam label. Sleeve design by Bhatoptics. Mastered by Bola.



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