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MOTOKO & MYERS Plover / Whimbrel

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〈FUTURE TIMES〉ニューリリースは、カリフォルニア、オークランドのDJMLとWONJAのプロジェクトMOTOKO & MYERS。

Bass Clefのレーベル〈OPEN HAND REAL FLAMES〉からデジタルでアルバムをリリースしているMOTOKO & MYERSがFUTURE TIMESから7インチリリース。ドラムマシーンの吐息、独特なトーンのシンセ、ワイルドトーンに折り重なるリズム。テクノセットのスターターとしてパーフェクトとのコメントの「Plover」。スターターという割には深いとこまで潜り込む。B-BOYミニマル・ニューエイジ「Whimbrel」も最高。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Plover (4:36)sample
B.Whimbrel (4:26)sample

Future Times is very pleased to announce that our next release will be a 7" single from Oakland's Motoko & Myers! This duo is made up of Wonja & DJML, both of whom have blessed electronic music in numerous ways recently together and individually, via releases on Jacktone, DJing together for their Herzog Hideout radio transmissions, and their amazing album from 2018, Basis Key, released via Bass Clef's digital imprint Open Hand Real Flames.

M+M make music from a really special place, wild tones, drum-machine-breaths and weird, pitched synth space combine with a sense of rhythm that folds in on itself. B-Side "Whimbrel" represents this perhaps best of the two songs, with a loping, wandering-on-the-beach sense of synth space and not-quite-dancehall drums.

"Plover", however, is a perfect set-starter for the techno freaks, with the lightest drums coming in halfway over a thick, shifting loop of perfect glass techno for the DJs. Tip!



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