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インド音楽とシンセサイザー・ミュージックを融合したSHEILA CHANDRAとSTEVE COEのドローン、96年のアルバムがアナログ再発されました!ラーガ・ドローン・アンビエント、メディテーショナル・ヒーリング・ミュージックの名盤。

Monsoonでの「Wings Of The Dawn」やSHEILA CHANDRA名義でのスピリチュアル・ヒンディーダンス「Prema , Shanti , Dharma , Satya」、PRODIGYはじめダンスプロジェクトとの共演、サンプルング等でダンスミュージック・フィールドでも知られるインド系英国移民シーラ・チャンドラがピーター・ガブリエルの〈REAL WORLD〉からリリースしたCD,カセットオンリーのアルバム「ABoneCroneDrone」をアナログ再発。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.ABoneCroneDrone 1sample
A2.ABoneCroneDrone 2sample
A3.ABoneCroneDrone 3sample
B1.ABoneCroneDrone 4sample
B2.ABoneCroneDrone 5sample
B3.ABoneCroneDrone 6sample

Few albums have treated human voice and drone as a whole entity like ABoneCroneDrone, the third in a trilogy for Real World Records that this record closed back in 1996. In Sheila Chandra's own words “it was about the gateways between vocal techniques from different cultures and how it was possible to cross between them within a single word or phrase.”

Indipop Recordings founder Steve Coe, probably best known for helping to popularise the term World Music in the early eighties, produced and worked with extreme accuracy along with Chandra on all drones and set a new industry standard of what was possible in the treatment of voice. With the help of bagpipes, didgeridoos and guitars, ABoneCroneDrone puts drones under the microscope and encourages listeners to retrain their ears to hear the nuances that musicians have always heard in them. Emitting low, chantlike waves, Chandra sings deep spaced atonal words while haunting chord sounds flow and drones slowly interact with listener.
This is the first vinyl pressing. It includes a fold-out insert with a new Sheila Chandra interview, original sleeve notes edited by Chandra herself and unseen pictures taken from the 1996 sessions. Limited to 500 copies, no digital release this time.

“The artistry of ABoneCroneDrone is in the attention to detail. The album is beautifully performed, mixed and compiled with intelligence and strong sense of structure. It makes good use of a listener's valuable time while issuing a challenge to hear in a fresh way.” John L. Walters, The Wire issue 150



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