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RED AXESやMOSCOMANに続くテルアビブのシーンのレフトフィールドなサイケデリックダンス。

アルゼンチンのTHOMASS JACKSONとメキシコのIÑIGO VONTIERが主宰するCALYPSO RECORDSから、RED AXESやMOSCOMAN以降のアーチスト達にスポットを当てたコンピレーション!アフロ・コズミック、〈MULTI CULTI〉やスローハウス、スローテクノ、トライバルダンス。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.NIV AST - Rainey Heartsample
A2.RINA - Peppermint Bouquetsample
B1.NADUVE - Hex Mexsample
B2.MIDDLE SKY BOOM - Marble Archsample

If this EP is to be believed then the sound of Tel Aviv is all about ultra-deep house and moody, leftfield electronica. Niv Ast's 'Rainey Heart' is a slow-building affair that wouldn't sound out place early doors in a Cattaneo or Digweed set with its complex, evolving percussion and low, constant synth drone. Rina's 'Peppermint Bouquet' is a deep tribal jam with a trippy, hazy feel, while Naduve's 'Hex Mex' is a slo-mo number that rides a lumbering rhythm with snatches of Spanish speech, birdsong and other off-the-wall sounds. Completing the EP is 'Marbel Arch' [sic] from Middle Sky Boom, another slow-moving, atmospheric chugger with a marvelous enchanting flute.



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