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リプレスされました!レーベル創設期からのコアメンバーLOCAL ARTIST aka SLOW RIFFS, IAN WYATT.

自身の人生で一番最悪の年だったと語る2018年をサヴァイヴしてLOCAL ARTISTが新作リリース。MOODHUTから到着しました。CLOUDFACEとのエレクトロ・ジャム「Touch Tone」で幕開け、ダビーなパーカッション+シンセベース、父親との思い出に捧げた「Boys Cry」、幻覚のようなフェメール+メイル・ヴォイスがゆったりグルーヴするシンセファンク「Fruits」、モロッコのAIR BNBで制作したというエレクトロ・ベース、ドリーミーブギーポップ。ニューMOODHUTスタンダード! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Touch Tonesample
A2.Boys Crysample

Hi everyone. Ian Wyatt aka Local Artist here to fill you in on the story behind this music.

2018 was easily the worst year of my life. A number of intense and negative events seemed to collide including the life threatening illness of two of my closest loved ones. I spent a lot of time next to hospital beds trying to keep it together for the people around me and had to uproot a lot of basic human needs like home and security.

At night I kept making music, most of which will never see the light of day but was shared with my inner circle. What you hear on this record is what was reflected back to me after they gave it all a listen. Singing felt good so there’s lots of voice on here. Handing over control, letting in the unknown and giving up on my perfectionism seemed to fit the bill. The later stages of the music were finished while traveling with my partner for 110 days in the Mediterranean.

Gravity was finished in a Moroccan Air BnB after Jack J offered up a tasty arrangement of a previously loose ass live demo. Touch Tone started as a jam with Cloudface then was completely reimagined, keeping his keypad melody, and later touched up with Jack adding live drums. Boys Cry is dedicated to the memory of my Dad. Miss you and love you forever. And Fruits is just being itself.



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