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〈BERCEUSE HEROIQUE〉からのEPを経てPINCHが自身の〈TECTONIC〉に帰還、MC集団KILLA’S ARMY、そしてKAHNと共に繰り広げるダンスホールテクノ/グライム!フロアを捲したてるようなMCにダンスホールのリズムを取り入れた未来派ダブステップ、推薦!

〈PUNCH DRUNK〉〈HOTLINE〉〈DEEP MEDI〉などからリリースを重ね、盟友NEEKと共にブリストルシーンを牽引するKAHNと、言わずと知れたUKサウンドマイスターPINCHの共作。そこにKILLA P,IRAH,LONG RANGEの三者からなるMCグループKILLA’S ARMYが参加。142bpmの強烈ダンスホールリディムビートを地響かせる「Crossing The Line Ft. Killa’s Army」(sample1)は、目眩くMCのシフトがかなり危険。ダーク&コールドなアンビエンスをぶった切るダブステップ「Send Out」(sample2)の連射音まで、抜群のエッジ。ブリストルの真髄、とにかくかっこいい。 (Akie)

This is a big release for Tectonic as label boss Pinch combines forces with Kahn to produce two killer rhythm tracks that meld deepness with futuristic dancehall powers. Normally this would be plenty to get excited about anyway - but if you then add the vocal talents of Killa P, Irah & Long Range - aka ‘Killa’s Army’ - there is even more reason! Dubstep meets grime meets dancehall, while Bristol meets Brixton.

All three MCs in Killa’s Army have their own, very distinctive but complimentary styles, bringing a hard, uncompromising vocal delivery to match Pinch & Kahn’s tough beats.

Long Range opens the track and sets pace, his rapid, agile lyrical flow bouncing off the distorted thumping of a darkside 142bpm dancehall-flavoured rhythm. Killa P unleashes the chorus with full force, then setting up the next verse. Irah drops it an octave and holds the mood with his unique tone and delivery. The track pulls back then for a moment, like a filmic interlude, before the General himself, Killa P comes in to finish off anyone who might try test, like an end of level boss. ‘Crossing The Line’ will be rattling out of speakers for many years to come, no doubt!

Flip the vinyl over and you’ll find another, instrumental track, from Pinch & Kahn. ‘Send Out’ is a dubstep banger that holds a deep mood whilst pushing the energy levels through the roof. A rhythm track that has been pulled up, wheeled; set dance floors ablaze with it’s almost heavy-metal levels of energy. An early version of ‘Send Out’ originally appeared as an exclusive track on Kahn & Neek’s Fabriclive mix but is now available properly for the first time.



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