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70年代のNYアンダーグラウンド〜ディスコシーンにおける伝説的プロデューサー・PATRICK ADAMSとPETER BROWNコンビによる<P&P>レーベルがリリースした素晴らしい作品たちが、UKの名門<DEMON RECORDS>による編纂でよみがえる再発コンピレーション「P & P DISCO」がリリース!

<GOLDEN FLAMINGO>や<HEAVENLY STAR>、<LAND OF HITS>や<SOUND OF NEW YORK>ほか多くの傘下レーベルを擁する<P&P>ワークスの中から、選りすぐりの音源が一挙コンパイルされてリイシュー!CLYDE ALEXANDER & SANCTIONの”Got To Get Your Love”、FOSTER JACKSON GROUPの”Feel The Spirit”、AHZZの"New York's Movin'"GOLDEN FLAMINGO ORCHESTRAの”The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us”、CLOUD ONEの”Flying High (Part 2)”など、これまでにも数あるコンパイラーによってピックアップされてきた人気曲はもちろん、これまで再発の手に掛からなかったLOUISE MURRAYの”(Let's Just) Stay Away”(sample1)や、MARY CLARKの”Take Me I'm Yours”(sample2)、LE’O ROYの”Pound For Pound”(sample3)といった、オリジナル盤はケタ違いのプレミア価格でディールされている、80年頃の作品もラインナップされているのが今リリースの特筆となっています!この機会に是非どうぞ。 (DNT)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. CLYDE ALEXANDER & SANCTION  -  Got To Get Your Love sample
A2. FOSTER JACKSON GROUP  -  Feel The Spirit sample
A3. RUDI STUART  -  Get Down sample
B1. MARY CLARK  -  Take Me I'm Yours sample
B2. LOUISE MURRAY  -  (Let's Just) Stay Away sample
B3. QUEEN YAHNA  -  Ain't It Time sample
C1. AHZZ  -  New York's Movin' sample
C2. LE'O ROY  -  Pound For Pound sample
C3. KESSLER  -  Turn Up Your Radio sample
D1. GOLDEN FLAMINGO ORCHESTRA  -  The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us sample
D2. CLOUD ONE  -  Flying High (Part 2) sample
D3. BOBBY MANN  -  Spank Me sample

12 track vinyl compilation featuring the roots of modern dance music, on 180g heavyweight double LP. P&P was producer and Harlem hustler Peter Brown’s production company. He created some of the greatest moments in underground African American dance music, across a handful of labels in the 70s and 80s.

Due to his independent ethos his releases on imprints such as Heavenly Star, Sound Of New York, La Shawn, P&P and others would often disappear after a single low numbered pressing making them incredible hard to find on original pressing.

Tracks such as Mary Clarke’s ‘Take Me I’m Yours’, and the Fosters Jackson Group’s ‘Feel The Spirit’ have been championed by DJs such as Floating Points and Dimitri from Paris. Whilst the sheer rarity of some singles such as Clyde Alexander and Sanction’s ‘Got To Get Your Love’ and Louise Murray’s ‘Let’s Just Stay Away’ would set you back multiple hundreds of pounds to buy on original copies.



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