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MOSCOMAN主宰の〈DISCO HALAL〉から、フランスのミステリアス・トリオMOUNT KISMET。モダン・サイケデリック・エレクトロニック。

HYPNOLOVE、THE ETRERNALSといったプロジェクト等で活動してきたHENNING SPECHTはじめ、MUSIC MEKERS周辺のミュージシャンによるトリオMOUNT KISMETのデビューアルバム。ジョン・カーペンターやゴブリンなんかのレトロ70sシンセサイザー・エレクトロニックをベースに、ダブ、アラビックな戦慄やポリリズムを取り込み、トランスを誘発する。数学的に構築されてるような神秘的な構造の美しさも魅力。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Snake Dancer (05:10)sample
A2.Afga (04:16)sample
A3.Mount Kismet (05:59)sample
A4.Arif (05:13)sample
A5.Targajh Movement 1 (02:27)sample
B1.Teenage Fantasy feat C.A.R (03:32)sample
B2.In The Desert (07:43)sample
B3.Sheeba (04:46)sample
B4.Djinn (05:39)sample
B5.Targajh Movement 2 (02:31)sample

Mysterious trio Mount Kismet are dropping debut single ‘Teenage Fantasy’ on Oct 11th, and their debut album “Warmer Lanes” on Nov 15th via Disco Halal.
Strung together by the dark, alluring vocals of French-Canadian artist C.A.R., the 1st single, ‘Teenage Fantasy’ combines sparse, synth-driven cold wave with the kind of Middle Eastern electronic elements that have become synonymous with Disco Halal. The track will feature alongisde 9 other tracks on Warmer Lanes.
Based between Berlin and London, Mount Kismet is a project driven by an eastern music obsession and a taste for the heavy pulse of drum machines and the rumbling of analog synthesisers. The group’s only other release, the track ‘Prunes & Dunes’, was included in Perfect Strangers, a ‘various artists’ compilation put out on Disco Halal last year.
An established artist in her own right, C.A.R. has previously collaborated with the likes of Maceo Plex, Red Axes and Bawrut.
Based in Berlin, but firmly rooted in the diverse and forward-facing musical scene of Tel Aviv, Moscoman’s Disco Halal label hails from beneath the minarets of the Holy Land. The imprint exists to present a tight-knit and growing community of musicians and producers, each transmitting their unique musical identity, yet each united by a unique sensibility, as well as a harmonious balance of rhythm and experimentation



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