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C.Y.M. Capra

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FORT ROMEAUとVAMPIRE WEEKENDのベーシストで、BAIO名義でのダンスリリースで知られるHRIS BAIOのプロジェクトC.Y.M.。

UKとL.A.の海を跨いでのコラヴォレーション。クラウトロック的な電子音飛び交うハンマービート。サイケデリック・ダンス。シンセウェイヴねじれた感じと80sロマンティックな感じのヴォーカルのエレクトロニックダンス「Far Gone」、アップビートの「Super-Cannes」のキラキラとコズミックな感じもいい感じの3曲。画像では分かりにくいですがメタリックなシルバージャケットです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A2.Far Gone
B1.Super Cannes

C.Y.M. is the collaboration between British producer and DJ Mike Greene (otherwise known as Fort Romeau) and LA-based American musician Chris Baio, who releases music as Baio in addition to playing bass in the acclaimed band Vampire Weekend. Their debut, self-titled EP arrives on Phantasy as an elegant pean to the infinite possibilities of kosmische music, driven by a motorik strain of psychedelia. The foundations of a wider project, C.Y.M. speaks not for analogue nostalgia, but a subtle and modern update on imagined futures that are still open to interpretation.

‘Capra’ immediately establishes the duo’s masterful if unsurprising grip on rhythm, a man-machine stomp that persists as the track takes myriad turns, from post-punk guitar licks and processed vocals, through bubbling modular synthesis and culminating in a soaring, cathartic melody.

On ‘Far Gone’ C.Y.M. turn their studio inward for a more brooding and intimate interpretation of their sound, a balearic amalgam of intriguing vocals, feedback soaked riffs and no-wave inspired movement.

The bliss beneath the waves of noise that crash across C.Y.M’s music emerges fully on the driving conclusion, ‘Super-Cannes’. A hypnotic tempo and blistering drums intertwine with whirling organs, and shimmering keys, providing a wistful and warm finale.



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