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PSYCHEMAGIK I Feel How This Night Should Look

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<LENG>からの'MAGIK'3部作や<ESKIMO>からの'RITUAL'3部作でのコンピレーション仕事の数々や、美しく高純度なオリジナル楽曲プロダクションやリエディット、膨大なレコードコレクションからなるミステリアスなDJミックスなどマニアからポピュラーまで広い層から支持されてきたUKデュオ・PSYCHEMAGIKの、この10年間の歴史を総括した初となるアルバム「I Feel How This Night Should Look」がリリース!

BRYAN FERRYやTOMMY GUERREROのツアーサポートで知られるNYのギタリスト・BING JI LINGことQUINN LAMONT LUKEとの最新シングル”We Can Be One”の幕開け、アメリカンロックの殿堂・DAVID CROSBYの古典”Oleans”のコーラスを借りた'11年シングル”Valley Of Paradise”(sample1)、カンタベリーロック・SYD ARTHURやECMのNORMA WINSTONEといったジャズシーンからの歌い手を招聘、ケイト・ブッシュの古いワークスペースやビートルズの主な作品に携わった故・ジョージ・マーティンのAIRスタジオといった由緒ある場所でレコーディングされれた'13年名曲”La Paix Est Une Fleur”(sample2)ほか、新曲も多く収録された全10トラックからなるアルバムが完成!WILD BILLY CHILDISHのバックバンドとして結成されたTHEE HEADCOATEESの中心メンバーとして活躍していたHOLLY GOLIGHTLYが歌うラスト”Something To Believe”まで、ブリティッシュの今の風景までをも徹底して突き詰めていったPSYCHEMAGIKの世界へぜひ。 (DNT)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.We Can Be One (feat. Quinn Lamont Luke)sample
A2.Valley of Paradisesample
B1.Ghost Particle (feat. Liam Magill)sample
B2.Seahorse (feat. Norma Winstone)sample
B3.Above The Cloudssample
C1.Cosmic Forestsample
C2.Triumph of the Gods (feat. Renate Staal Nygard)sample
D2.La Paix Est Une Fleursample
D3.Something to Believe (feat. Holly Go Lightly)sample

DJs, producers and unrivaled selectors, Danny McLewin and Tom Coveney aka Psychemagik have announced their album ‘​I Feel How This Night Should Look​’ will be released October 11th via their own imprint Psychemagik Recordings.

Known for their beautiful production work, vast record collections and transcendent mixtape journeys, they boast one of the most impressive and comprehensive remix outputs in contemporary electronic music for names including Roisin Murphy, Noel Gallagher, Haim, Bryan Ferry, Beyond The Wizards Sleeve, Paul Weller and Metronomy.

‘I Feel How This Night Should Look’ is an album with a phenomenal backstory. It spans back over a decade back to when Tom and Danny first met in 2008 and produced the ten tracks over an intensive two year period following the birth of Psychemagik.

It was recorded at a number of esteemed locations primed for sonic craft including Kate Bush’s old workspace, George Martin’s Air Studios Lyndhurst Hall, where the duo recorded a seventeen piece string section and Toe Rag Studios recording drums onto tape. This album is a true labour of love.

The first taste of the album comes via first track, the effortlessly smooth and immediately deep ‘We Can Be One’ feat. Quinn Lamont Luke. An invigorating and ethereal cut offset with the acid rifts and the balearic vocals of New York’s Quinn Lamont Luke, ‘We Can Be One’ beautifully lays down the foundations and entry point into the endlessly unique and diverse world of Psychemagik.

‘Something To Believe’, features English garage rock royalty Holly Golightly which spans a sound palette as diverse and invigorating as one of the pair’s vastly eclectic DJ sets. The afro-harping ‘Seahorse’ is graced by the airy, wordless vocal styling of British jazz legend Norma Winstone. ‘Triumph Of The Gods’ featuring Renate Staal Nygård is an epic, piano and orchestra led tour de force, a funk fuelled soundtrack for a thriller yet to be made.

‘Ghost Particle’ glides along at cruising altitude featuring Canterbury’s wilfully underrated Syd Arthur, whilst ‘Above The Clouds’ and ‘Cosmic Forest’ are exquisite string and synth-led cosmic disco. ‘Le Paix Est Un Fleur’ deftly mixes psychedelic delights and easy listening.

Finally set for release on Psychemagik recordings on 11th October, ‘I​ Feel How This Night Should Look​’ is testament to the duo’s deep understanding and love of their craft, an LP which hones a layered intelligence that only long-term dedication to the art and craft of the DJ can deliver.



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