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TALKING DRUMS Dromedary/ Super Express

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ロンドン/マンチェスターのレフトフィールドなディスコシーンの流れを汲むTALKING DRUMSの第3弾。

アラヴィックなシンセ、シンセ、パーカッション。ヴォコーダーやユニークなドラム/リズム構成の「Dromedary」。B-SIDEは、「Deep In India」でもお馴染みのボリウッド巨人R.D.Burmanのマッドなシンセサイザー「Burning Tran」ネタ「Super Express」。 (サイトウ)

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After a global trek we're back at base camp with a pair of thrillers from the chiller for your next rumble in the jungle...

Prepare to take a cosmic cruise on the A side with 'Dromedary', a masterclass in daft drum-breaks, Saharan strings and syrupy synth-lines perfect for Arabian nights and disco daze.
This one's been a TD sure shot since our first parties, so it's high time we shared the love boat.

Move to the flip for an interdimensional trip, as TD Transport welcomes you aboard the 'Super Express', a lysergic locomotive burning up the mainline from Mos Eisley to Mumbai.
Linn drum lasers lock into a lurching groove, fuelling the furnace as we blast past Bollywood, take a detour into the Metro Area and arrive right on schedule to save your party.

100% Drum fun guaranteed.

Limited pressing inc. hand numbered insert...



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