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APPAREL WAX 007 (+Apparel Wax Kit, First 200 Copies)

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APPAREL MUSICが、ディスコ、ファンク、ブギーをネタに送り出すAPPAREL WAXシリーズ第7弾。

生音、ディスコのエッセンスを取り込んだAPPAREL MUSICのAPPAREL WAXのニューリリース。グルーヴィなベースと、キックのループが、ユニークなグルーヴを産み出し、ハット、ヴォイスサンプルやクラップなんかがレイヤーされて展開していく「007A1」、パーカッション、バスドラの四つうち、ロングトーンのシンセ、フィルターを使いながらトライバル&ファンク+ワイルドピッチ感じの展開もナイスな「007A2」等々今回もバッチリ使える4 TRACKS。いつものように最初の200枚にはおまけがついていて、今回は、匂いが漏れないようにチャックのついた小さな特製ビニール袋、少量の大切なものを入れておくのに便利で繰り返し使えるとのことです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting


Apparel Wax comes back after a long summer with another EP, the 7th of its catalogue and yet again another display of four different musical approaches brought together as one. The EP is, indeed, a 4 tracks one and starts off with a groovy execution of a classic house track, an archetypical and simple house tune with a defined personality and the perfect start, from square one. With 007A2 we start to shift the perspective to a more funky and tribal vibe with the help of the percussions, piano chords and simple bass and guitar lines to close an A side which is a modern view on something classical. 007B1 breaks in bringing an energetic overload since the first seconds with a heavy rhythmic section and keeps up the same pace throughout the whole track even when slowing down. Its insistent and slightly distorted hi hats, along with decisive piano chords helped by some well crafted vocal samples, take us all round this journey through a packed imaginary dance floor. Let’s take the foot off the pedal for 007B2 which is instead the most desirable closing with its smooth yet impactful sounds which create an ideal sunset mood to plunge into. So the sun sets on APLWAX007 and we hope you dig once more what the masked hero brought us this time around.



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