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RAJAN JAMES Impossible Dreams

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マジカルなシンセサイザー・ポップ未発表曲をLEFT EAR RECORDSが再発。ジャマイカ産まれの英国ミュージシャンRajan James。

5週間の休暇でアメリカに渡り、結局3年間滞在することになった期間に、彼女のルーツだったゴスペルとドラムマシーンを使った演奏を開始したジャマイカ産まれの英国ミュージシャンRAJAN JAMES。当時隆盛始めたPUNK、NEWWAVE以降のインディペンデントミュージシャンのデモをコンパイルした101 Internationalの'83年の「One Giant Leap」に収録された「Impossible Dreams」の未発表フルレングス・バージョン。アメリカのブギーやイギリスのシンセポップの先鋭に影響を受けた、リズムマシーン、サックスやギターのレイヤー、シンセベースの魅惑のサウンド・プロダクション。ちょっとアクのあるヴォーカルと相まって絶妙です。インストバージョンも収録。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Impossible Dreams (5:18)sample
B.Impossible Dreams (Instrumental) (5:18)sample

Rajan James, the Jamaican-born English-raised musician’s ‘Impossible Dreams’ is an inspirational sax-laced single that walks a fine line between North American boogie and British synth-pop influences of the 1980’s, yet manages to sound distinctly her own. Left Ear have salvaged both the unreleased full-length versions, including the instrumental for a 12” single.

In the early 80’s Rajan headed to the States for a 5-week holiday, which turned into a 3 year hiatus. It was here that she was initially looking for inspiration from gospel singers, a natural progression from the choirs she had been singing in back home, even performing solo alongside her drum machine. It was in the States the she saw what she describes as the “future” of music, particularly “dance” music. Rajan returned to England with an open mind and an enriched cultural appreciation for a diverse range of sounds. It’s at this stage that she recorded ‘Impossible Dreams’ and released it on Steve Ayers’ ‘One Giant Leap’ compilation. Unfortunately, due to the release being an album of demos the track was cut short to make way for songs from other artists. Furthermore, it was never picked up for a single release and faded into obscurity. Rajan did release a single the following year called ‘Time’, unfortunately the label went into receivership and the release failed to make ground. After this, Rajan explains that “life got in the way and music had to take a back seat”. Thirty-seven years after the fact and Rajan’s ‘Impossible Dreams’ sounds just as relevant today, with an eternal message of optimism and hope.

“Remember don’t give up on Your dreams it's never too late. If you fall get up and try again” Blessings R T James



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