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FIORIOUS I'm Not Defeated (Cassius Remix)

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昨年事故により他界したPhilippe Zdarへのトリビュートリリース。LGBTQとその闘争の歴史、可視化、積極行動主義を賞賛した抵抗のアンセム、Fioriousによる「I'm Not Defeated」のCassiusでのリミックス。B-SIDEにはエッチングが施された2000枚限定の12インチ。

8分に渡るイリュージョニックで、パワフルなハウス・アンセムの誕生!NYCのハウス・シンガーFIORIOUSが2018年にリリースした抵抗のアンセム「I'm Not Defeated」。未発表だったCassiusのリミックスが家族とHUBERT(Boom Bass)、ED BANGERとGLITTERBOXが協力のもと12インチリリース。このミックスは、Philippe ZdarとHUBERT(Boom Bass)が最後となってしまうギグに向かう途中にEd BangerのPedro Winterに聞かせたリミックスだそうです。片面エッチングの限定12インチ。デジタルの配信は今のところなしのバイナルリリース。 ダンスフロアの狂気の美しさ。 (サイトウ)

Following the tragic passing of Philippe Zdar last summer, Ed Banger and Glitterbox Recordings have come together to release the final collaborative Cassius production, with the blessing of Hubert Boombass and Philippe’s family. This special vinyl only release features their remix of Fiorious’ powerful call-to-resistance anthem ‘I’m Not Defeated’, a record that captures the energy of historical protest songs, and inspired remixes from Honey Dijon and Catz ‘N Dogz with critical acclaim. The B-side has been specially etched, and the release will be limited to just 2000 pressings, making this a true collector’s item. Described by Fiorious as “an inspiring eight-minute tour de force and the most bittersweet gift to all of us,” all profits from the 12” will be donated to Rainbow Railroad, a Canadian charity working to help the LGBTQ+ community escape persecution and violence.

Speaking of the record, Ed Banger founder Pedro Winter said “Zdar played me the remix while we were heading to the last gig we would ever played together. He knew he and Boombass had delivered a banging remix. The original song was already one of the strongest of the year and adding Cassius’ powerful groove, hypnotic drums and these unifying chords would make this remix an instant classic.”

“This remix is special for so many reasons, obviously when an artist you admire shouts about something you've made that moves them, that is an amazing feeling … No one ever imagined it would be the last Cassius production, but this remix was obviously a labour of love for them, and you can feel that so strongly. It's an inspiring eight-minute tour de force and the most bittersweet gift to all of us.” – Fiorious



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