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異色の和物、日本音楽。ライブラリーミュージックとして制作されたドイツのVICTOR CAVINIによるJapan。

キャリア初期にはドイツのプロパファンダ映画のサウンドトラックを多く手掛けその苦い経験からのちに反戦をうったえ活動し、TV、コマーシャルなど多数の音源を制作したライブラリー・ミュージックの職人ゲルハルト・トレデのステージネームVICTOR CAVINIの83年のアルバム。専門家の意見はわからないけど、かなり熟練のものと思われる琴や太鼓の演奏。サイケロック、ジャズ・ファンクなビートや、武満徹の影響を受けたようなドラ&エフェクター&ベースの音響的な曲など鎌倉の大仏とともに異形の魅力を放っています。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Pictures Of Japan   (3:37) sample
A2. Pictures Of Japan II   (0:55) sample
A3. Pictures Of Japan III   (1:05) sample
A4. Pictures Of Japan IV   (2:22) sample
A5. Pictures Of Japan V   (1:50) sample
A6. Pictures Of Japan VI   (1:49) sample
A7. Pictures Of Japan VII   (2:54) sample
B1. Pictures Of Japan VIII   (1:30) sample
B2. Pictures Of Japan IX   (1:53) sample
B3. Pictures Of Japan X   (3:16) sample
B4. Pictures Of Japan XI   (1:45) sample
B5. Pictures Of Japan XII   (2:00) sample
B6. Pictures Of Japan XIII   (2:41) sample
B7. Pictures Of Japan XIV   (2:40) sample

The first Be With foray into the archives of revered German library institution Selected Sound is one of our favourites on the label - the super in-demand Japan from Victor Cavini, originally released in 1983. Rare and sought-after for many years now, this is one of those cult library LPs that never turn up. With Daibutsu the giant Buddha of Kamakura’s presence gracing the hefty front cover, this is a record bursting with dope samples for adventurous producers: it’s koto-funk madness! Victor Cavini was the library music pseudonym of prolific German composer and musician Gerhard Trede. He was known for exploring instruments and styles from around the world (he played over 50 different instruments himself) and Japan is his collection of 14 musical sketches painted with traditional Japanese wind and string instruments. These are the sounds of traditional Japanese folk music re-interpreted through Western ears, with the occassional contemporary twist. Contemporary for 1983, of course. These “Pictures of Japan” are hypnotic, sometimes frantic, but always beautiful. The first twelve tracks offer airy explorations of koto and flute, with other strings and percussion being added and then given their own space. Indeed “Pictures of Japan XII” is just drums. And then “Pictures of Japan XIII” seems to come out of nowhere. But the subtle sleaze of its full band sound still doesn’t quite prepare you for the towering climax of “Pictures of Japan



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