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ASHEE Techno Face

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RED AXESも合流して人気を博しているDJ TENNIS主宰の〈LIFE AND DEATH〉からニューアーチスト。

〈DISCO HALAL〉や〈PETS Recordings〉、〈GET WEIRED〉等でリリースしているJOSEPH ASHWORTHのニュープロジェクトASHEE。〈LIFE AND DEATH〉からの12インチリリース。エレクトロ、ベース、テクノまで縦断する彼のDJ スタイルそのままにユニーク・エレクトロニック・ファンクのサイケデリア。COMEMEあたりのファンは是非。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Techno Facesample

The next release on Life And Death sees label founder DJ Tennis sign up a brand new act. In return, he gets three tracks of explosive club music that collide myriad techno, bass and house styles in bumping new ways. Opener ‘Techno Face’ is a high impact track but one with plenty of character. Freaky, filtered vocals, big and bouncy kick drums and taught bass stabs are always on the move. A distant siren comes into ear shot and the murky atmosphere grows ever more absorbing and menacing throughout. The arresting ‘Retrofit’ is a loose and wonky groove that references a wide range of styles without ever sounding like any one in particular. The percussion is brilliantly off grid, blasts of bass are filthy dirty and the busy lead line brings pure rave energy. Closing things out is the turbocharged, mechanical bass of ‘Motomag.’ Named after the retro BMX wheel, it’s fittingly quick, urgent and dystopian in the way it races along through a ruined urban landscape on a cloud of hits, whirring machine sounds and crashing drums. This is an artist who clearly knows how to blow up a dance floor.



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