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OHNESTY Movin On’ EP (incl. Happa Remix)

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FOODMANに続くロンドンHIGHBALL RECORDSの第2弾。昨年デジタルリリースした曲をGILLES PETERSONがBBC Radio 6で紹介し話題を呼んだという日本人デュオOHNESTYの12インチをストックしました。〈WHITIES〉からもリリースしたHAPPAのリミックス(sampl3)も是非チェックを。

BRISA & shigge、福岡のアーチストだそうです。FOODMANをリリースしたロンドンの〈HIGHBALL RECORDS〉の第2弾として12インチリリース。デジタルなゲットーハウス、エレクトロ・ファンク、タイトル曲は、かなりユニークなサイエンスフィクションの世界。B2「K&T」は立体的なサウンド構築がユニークなデジタル・ポップ。ジャパニーズ・シンセサイザー、80sデジタルポップ、G-FUNK等々のエッセンスも垣間見れるようなヴォコーダーロマンス「Need You」あたりもかなり良い。そしてそれを受けたHAPPA(sample3)のアーバン・ジャングル、ポスト・チルウェイヴ、レトロ・フューチャーな感じが絶妙に素晴らしいです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Movin On’sample
B1.Need Yousample
B2.Need You (Happa Remix)sample

Having earned BBC Radio 6 play from Gilles Peterson for last year’s track ‘Vortex’ , Japanese duo Ohnesty today announce their next release, ‘Movin’ On’ EP, out on 22nd May on Highball. The project unites two influential talents from Fukuoka’s burgeoning underground scene: BRISA, the adventurous and eclectic producer/DJ who spans everything from nu-jazz to acid house, and shigge, founder of the Yesterday Once More label.

The EP makes an immediate statement of intent with the title track. Underpinned by a lurching, mechanised groove, it swings unexpectedly into a stuttering, pitch-shifted vocal cut alongside insistent hi-hats and the kind of soulful female vocal sample that’s a hallmark of deep house. The track demonstrates Ohnesty’s unique style. On one hand, they’re constantly pushing an audacious sense of creativity into a progressive-focused track. Yet at the same time, they never lose sight of the importance of making it sound both engrossing and energising.

Its second track ‘K&T’ focuses those traits in a completely different direction, blending elements acid jazz, late ‘70s disco and French Touch into their own vision. And finally ‘Need You’ echoes yacht rock and ‘80s movie scores with sweet synths and the booming gated reverb drum sounds.

The ‘Movin’ On’ EP is completed by a remix of ‘Need You’ by British producer Happa . One of the youngest artists to have ever DJed at Berghain, Happa’s production talents have also been called on by the likes of David Byrne, FKA Twigs and Trim.

Ohnesty released their debut EP ‘Time To Be Honest’ last September on Yesterday Once More. It was followed by an accompanying remix package , which included intreprations from the likes of Metome and Daijo Kaisei.

The ‘Movin’ On’ EP is the second release from the new London-based Highball Records. Aiming to highlight essential, forward-thinking new music from Japan, the label debuted in March with Foodman’s ‘Dokutsu’ EP.



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