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ソングライターANTONIO CUCARO中心に結成された一夜プロジェクト”CONTACT MUSIC”による初期イタロディスコ〜プロトハウスが復刻!80sイタロの復刻目的に設立された〈TEMPO DISCHI〉第3弾。リンドラムにオーバハイムなど初期アナログ機材をCUCAROの手で荒々しくレイヤー、コラージュチックなヴォーカルの掛け合いがカルト。

STEEL MIND、AUTOMATに続き発掘されたオブスキュアイタロ”CONTACT MUSIC”の唯一作品「Keep On Dance」が約40年近い時を経てリイシュー!パーカッション、アコースティック、エレクトロニックドラム(Linn、Oberheim、Simmons)を使用し、ANTONIO CUCARO自身で録音したシーケンスをまとめたトラック。メンバーのDJの手が加えられたことで、その癖の強い男女ヴォーカルに帯びるカットアップ/コラージュ感覚。 (Akie)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Keep On Dancesample
B.Keep On Dance (Instrumental)sample

The third release on Tempo Dischi is 'Keep On Dance' by Contact Music, a little gem that is part of the Italo Disco history, but has characteristics of the early Proto House sound.

Antonio Cucaro, the Italian musician, songwriter and producer behind this project recalls ‘I started playing guitar very early. I drew my inspirations from the echo of Woodstock that came through the ‘Bandiera Gialla’ show on Radio Rai: emotions that were equal to true revelations when listening to Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Cream, Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple), Joe Pass, Alvin Lee, George Benson. Stimulated by various musical contamination, which came from rock and Italian authorial music, I started immersing myself into searching new exciting sounds, applying composition to various directions while trying to produce something new without worrying about genres or people's judgements, all without a compromise. I would not have imagined that one evening in 1983, 'Keep on Dance' would be born. It was produced together with three DJs who wanted a sort of opening track for their sets, putting together some sequences recorded by myself using percussion, acoustic and electronic drums (Linn, Oberheim, Simmons). The fact that after almost forty years it has been revived and considered a Proto House pearl really honours me. Composing music is like breathing pure oxygen: you compose, record and realise that you are already thinking about the next step to keep breathing’.



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