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自身のレーベル〈SLAM CITY JAMS〉や〈TOY TONICS〉のリリースでお馴染みミュンヘンのデュオRHODE & BROWNが〈PERMANENT VACATION〉からシングルリリース!賛美歌みたいなミスティカルなサンプルに、厚みのシンセベース/アシッドな「Aku Aku」、Billie Jeanみたいなドラムで幕開けるシンセサイザー・ディスコ「Not My Mind, Not My Planet 」。アップリフティングな「Break 2 Break」、ロマンティックな電子の世界「Cliches & Romantic Attitudes」。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Aku Akusample
A2.Not My Mind, Not My Planetsample
B1.Break 2 Breaksample
B2.Cliches & Romantic Attitudessample

Rhode & Brown are a Munich based DJ and producer duo consisting of Friedrich Trede & Stephan Braun. Discovering their love for music separately at a young age, they joined forces in 2010. With releases on labels such as Toy Tonics, Public Possession, Let’s Play House or their own imprints Slam City Jams and RTB Records, they established themselves as an important part of the scene within the past years. The guys play gigs from London, over Paris and Berlin up to Moscow and spread their “Dancing Deejays” vibes around the globe. Both their productions and DJ sets are as fun, energetic and surprising as they can get and represent their love for all kind of music, even across the borders of house and techno. With “Aku Aku", their first full EP on Permanent Vacation, Friedrich & Stephan show the full spectrum of their productions from mystical Acid to atmospheric Disco and uplifting House.



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