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JUDGE FUNK名義ではYAM WHO?主宰〈MIDNIGHT RIOT〉で活躍、DJとしてもロンドンの人気クラブ「SAVEGE DISCO」でもレジデントを務めるなど、ディスコマスターとして多角的に活躍するALAN DIXONが〈RUNNING BACK〉にカムバック!タフなディスコボトムとTB303のバウンスでフロアジャック。

昨年はMARCEL VOGELがマネジメントする名レーベル〈LUMBERJACKS IN HELL〉からもリリースを果たしているALAN DIXON!弾力のあるマシンビートの躍動に負けず劣らずな303の呻き、フォルテマークのピアノで、ピークタイムを盛り上げる「Acid Drop」(sample1)は、そのタフネスを軽減しシンセサイザー柔らかな波を聴かせる「Acid Drop (Swimming Mix)」(sample2)も収録。中速にギアを落としたブギーハウス/ダウンテンポ「Poye Loco」(sample3)のアダルティなダンスムーヴも良い。 (Akie)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Acid Dropsample
A2.Acid Drop (Swimming Mix)sample
B1.Poye Locosample
B2.Rudy's Spectorsample

Pianos, Pianos and more Pianos! Alan Dixon’s overdue return to Running Back evolves around the black and white keys. Starting out with the main mix of “Acid Drop", Dixon unites the groan of a TB 303 with the life-affirming principle of a piano breakdown. Would have sounded as good on the floors of Ibiza’s or Riccione’s roofless clubs of yesteryear, as it would in club basement’s of today (temporarily defunct) and did in Gerd Janson’s Bali Boiler Room. Please turn to the “Swimming Mix’. to lighten the load or for the mellow after-the-rave moments on inflatable mattresses. Complemented by “Poye Loco", the piano theme gets a down tempo treatment that is cut out of the same cloth as espadrilles or the tunes that DJ Harvey likes to describe as “adult dance music". Finally, “Rudy’s Spector” closes the gap between a Ryuichi Sakamoto soundtrack and a Style Council ballad (while Paul Weller is on a tea break). DJs and home listeners unite! Don’t forget: there is always a summer somewhere! Artwork by Gassius.



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