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日本のアンダーグラウンドシーンとも繋がりを持つメルボルンのDJ Tim Heaney主宰のレーベル〈VESSEL〉第2弾。〈BUTTER SESSIONS〉の「Domestic Documents Vol. 2」や、〈LOVE ABOVE RECORDS〉のデビューEPにも参加しているNORACHIの単独1ST EP。ハウスピッチで展開されるアブストラクトなブレイクビート、ガラージな曲を筆頭に、デトロイト、オールドハウスへのオマージュ的なディープなダンストラック。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

2.Nurture (Reflective Mix)sample
3.Nature Basslinesample
4.Tool for Timsample

Norachi comes at you all slinky and smooth from the Victorian countryside with 4 tracks to rattle the bass bins of your deepest dancefloor. The optimist of the bunch; "Nurture" reveals glimmering synths and tight percussion over a stout bassline, while the Reflective mix adds the tough yet melancholy attitude and robust mindset distinctive of Castlemaine streets in the year 2020.
On the flip, Nature Bassline walks the line between beatdown and dub with hats lashing themselves over a bass melody reminiscent of classic Detroit works. The closer, Tool For Tim, is an exercise in after hours club moderation, settling itself into a dream loop you won't wake up from.
Sleeve art by Gavin Fennessy.



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