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BEAT PER BAR Beat Per Bar / 4 A.M. EP

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最高なリイシュー。その1。ラテン・フリースタイルやニューウェイヴの流れを受けた1988~89年L.A.産のインディペンデント、オブスキュアなアーリーハウス魅惑の音源。ファンキー、ユニーク、サウンドスケープ。打楽器だけでは無いすべてのリズムを追っかけるとそのユニークさが伝わるのでは無いかと思います。BEAT PER バー。

Late 80s。ロスアンジェルスのLupos Sobre-Vega。1988年にBEAT PER BAR名義、翌1989年に4 A.M. 名義で自主レーベルHouse Hold Recordsにシングルを残す。それぞれのEPから2曲をセレクトした、ラテン・フリースタイル、ニューウェイヴ、Hi-NRG、サンプラーの要素をファンキーなベースラインにのせた、魅惑の4 TRACKS。Henry Jones (Smiling C) と Brandon Hocura (Séance Centre)が始めたオブスキュア・ハウス再発レーベルMIXED SIGNALSからのコンピレーション。確保してます。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.BEAT PER BAR - That's Nice - Gimme A Couple More (US Jack Mix)sample
A2.BEAT PER BAR - Yahh...Money?!sample
B1.4 A.M - Just Wait And See (Deepest Mix)sample
B2.4 A.M - Love It (After Hours Mix)sample

Beat Per Bar - Yahh...Money?!

Under the pseudonyms 4 A.M. and Beat Per Bar, Lupos Sobre-Vega released two eccentric 12”s, of what, in retrospect, can be called vernacular house music. Both records are individualistic collisions of New Wave, Bass, Freestyle, Hi-NRG, Acid, and Sample House recorded in Sobre-Vega’s home studio in Orange County, Los Angeles. Using a Yamaha QX-5, Roland S-50, his mom's Roland Juno 60, EMU drum machines, and Yamaha DX-7, he put his nascent jazz chops to use and laid down the idiosyncratic dance tracks that he would self-release on his own label, House Hold Records, in 1988 and 1989 respectively. Although both 12”s were credited to groups, Sobre-Vega confirms that “the so-called band members were club friends. A couple were models and actors, or just plain good ol’ dancers. They were strategically picked by me, of course. So yeah, 4 A.M. and BEAT PER BAR are 300% me. There is no other.”

Despite working within the confines of dance music’s ready-made rhythms, Sobre-Vega’s sensitivity transcends the inarticulate 4/4 beat - vulnerable, idealistic and yearning. The timeless themes on the records reveal his youthful worries about money, intimacy, love and sex. Looking back at dance music history, it is luminaries such as Arthur Russell, Sylvester, Grace Jones, Theo Parrish, and Larry Heard, that stand out as enduring visionaries that transcended stylistic trends. Mixed Signals is proud to illuminate Sobre-Vega’s work in the constellation of dance music’s radical dreamers with this EP comprised of two songs from each his scarce and singular 12”s



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