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ニュージーランドの現行ジャズロック、GIANMARCO LIGUORIが2011年にリリースしていたアルバム「Duga-3+ 」のリイシューをキャッチ。クラウトロックや70s ジャズ、ミニマル、スペースロック、エレクトロニクスやフィールド・レコーディングも交えながら脅威のサウンドを打ち出しています。推薦!

2011年に200枚のみプレスされ高値をつけていたアルバム「Duga-3」に、未発表の音源を加えた2LP。見開きスリーブ。70s エレクトロニック期のマイルスやジャズロックを彷彿さる、プログレッシヴなサウンド。レーベルオーダーでもあるマルチミュージシャンGIANMARCO LIGUORIを中心に、ニュージーランドの伝説的70SジャズロッバンドのDR. TREEの故MURRAY MCNABBとKIM PATERSONが参加。熟練マジカルな驚きのサウンド。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Cosmic Protrusion (5:00)sample
A2.Energy Wind (6:49)sample
A3.Path To The Fortress (3:51)sample
A4.Indian Milk (4:47)sample
B1.5AM-PRN-KSV (6:58)sample
B2.Translucent Formlessness (5:57)sample
B3.Primitive Nightmare (5:41)sample
B4.Duga-3 (3:11)sample
C1.Stolen Paintings (2:59)sample
C2.Beat Instrumental (Live) (4:28)sample
C3.Jobim's Cigar (2:01)sample
C4.Sphinx (5:46)sample
C5.Ancient Flight Text (3:28)sample
D1.Ascending Spirals (5:46)sample
D2.Alpine Bossa (4:35)sample
D3.Bronze Frog (5:31)sample
D4.Penta (4:00)sample

„Gianmarco Liguori has created his own fascinating niche in music which exists at a place where jazz, soundtracks and improvised art music intersect … mesmerising, sometimes eerily ambient … grounded in electronica soundtracks, experimental Miles Davis of the Seventies, slightly funky Eighties jazz-rock with a nod to minimalism and impressionism … Albums by Liguori offer the indefinable and stand at some distance from just about everything else going on in New Zealand music.”
Graham Reid, NZ Herald

Duga-3, composed and produced by New Zealand-based multi-instrumentalist Gianmarco Liguori, was originally released in 2011 in an edition of 200 copies. The album quickly sold out, with original copies sought after by collectors and fans of Murray McNabb and Kim Paterson (who appear on the LP), both pioneers of jazz rock in New Zealand in the early 1970s.

Co-producer Murray McNabb (1947-2013), keyboardist with legendary NZ jazz rock group, Dr Tree in the 1970s, recorded his album Song For The Dreamweaver with ECM artists Ron McLure and Adam Nussbaum in New York (1990), and had performed with the likes of Don Cherry, Ed Blackwell, Charlie Haden, Joe Henderson and Sam Rivers. He was also a top-tier composer/arranger for film, television and radio.



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