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JESSE Possibilites / Shazzy

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スエーデン、ヨーテボリのサイケデリック・レーベル〈HÖGA NORD〉から、SEX TAGSとの繋がりでも知られるヘルシンキのアンダーグラウンド要人ILARI LARJOSTO, NIKO LIINAMAAのJESSE。

HÖGA NORDの7インチシリーズ新作は、HAISTA RECORDSを拠点にSTILETTI-ANAことILARI LARJOSTOと、NIKO、NO-ONE等の名義で活動するフィンランドのNIKO LIINAMAAによるJESSE。JIMI TENOR同様、この人たちも古くからアフロビートに取り組んでいて、その成果が反映されています。ユニークな数の旋回。リズムです。ヘルシンキの音楽シーンの面白さ。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Possibilities (4:05)
B.Shazzy (4:10)

Jesse is one most interesting electronic acts of the Northern countries. Stiletti-Ana and Kalifornia-Keke make up the core of the band that plays with new genres and often explores new musical areas. In the bands residence, the studio in Helsinki with a collection of retro futuristic synthesizers that would make even William Onyeabor envy, the members are toying with new influences and creates deep pulsating and atmospheric songs. Höga Nord Rekords now release two of them as a 7”.

This single has more in common with Stiletti-Anas solo record from 2019 than of earlier releases by Jesse and is more oriented towards and ambient- and leftfield sound than “Fluids” from 2018. The songs bubble and flows beneath a tense surface. The music is suggestive and soft, still with a club nerve in it.

Jesse often chooses new musical paths and this release is the start of such a new direction.



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