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KUTMAH A Tribute To The Brother Ras G & The African Space Program

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L.A.のコミュニティーの中で活動しながらも国外退去を余儀なくされたKUTMAHのLA時代の仲間だった、故RAS Gへのトリビュート。「Oh RRRAAAASSS !!!」

" On July 29th of last year Ras G left this planet.

The only way to cope with this loss was to communicate with my friend through these beats

After recoup the Shorter family will receive all funds ❤️

All beats by Kutmah
Premasters by Black Monk
Mastered by Zeroh
Cover photo by B+
Layout Stephen Serrato

▼ Tracklisting

A1.G Speaks... (0:54)sample
A2.Beat Soup (2:17)sample
A3.Time For Luv Is Here And Now (2:36)sample
A4.G's On The LightCode / Rays In The Sun (2:29)sample
A5.Another World... (0:41)sample
A6.Ohhh Raas Vanglorious (1:54)sample
A7.Spacebased Iz(wid) The Place (1:19)sample
A8.In The World... (0:25)sample
A9.Diggin At Poobah (Fa Sho) (1:46)sample
A10.Raw Fruit 3000 (2:19)sample
A11.Black Dusty Rhodes (1:45)sample
A12.Arons Shout Out... (0:27)sample
A13.Dublab Rooftop (2:15)sample
B1.See Y'all Soon... (0:37)sample
B2.Tha Most High (2:57)sample
B3.On Tha Planet (2:09)sample
B4.Come To The Light (1:55)sample
B5.Leimert To Pasadena (1:38)sample
B6.Annunaki Riddim (2:08)sample
B7.Leimert To Berlin (2:21)sample
B8.ASP 404 (1:09)
B9.Ghetto Sci-Fi Music (2:16)
B10.Transform-Outro (1:18)



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