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JAMIE LIDELLのワールドツアーにも同行したLORENZ RHODE。二人での共作NEWリリース!リズムの刻み方もユニーク。最高の一枚。

WARPを拠点に、SUPER COLLIDER、MOCKYやGONZARELS等々とのコラボレーションも行いながらエレクトロ・ソウルユニークな活動を続けるJAMIE LIDELLをフィーチャリングした、シンセサイザー奏者、コンポーザーLORENZ RHODEのNEWリリース!LORENZ RHODEとDETROIT SWINDLEのLARSによるプロジェクトSOUND SUPPORTのリミックス、インスト・バージョンも収録! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Sandpaper ft. Jamie Lidellsample
A2.On the Nightshiftsample
B1.Sandpaper ft. Jamie Lidell (Sound Support Remix)sample
B2.Sandpaper ft. Jamie Lidell (Instrumental Mix)sample

We are very pleased to finally present you a new Lorenz Rhode release, for the „Sandpaper EP“ Lorenz Rhode and Jamie Lidell get together again. Their first collab „Any Kind of Pressure“ was followed by Lorenz joining
Jamie’s world tour and a remix of „Big Love“ for Warp Records. Jamie performs with an amazing energy, and his soulful voice is carried by a warm and playful house backing: Minimoog bass, Rhodes piano and just some sparkles of a very old Roland synth that Lorenz had just bought, and which is now broken.
The second new jam „On the Nightshift“ is a fun stabby tune based on a spiraling chord progression. It loops every three-and-a-half bars, just to make life harder for DJs. A real nice warm groover.
The remix for „Sandpaper“ is a true family affair! Sound Support is the all new project by Lars Dales better known as 1/2 of Detroit Swindle and Lorenz himself. They’ve just released their debut EP on Prins Thomas’ “Internasjonal” label in October this year, here they take Jamie’s vocal into a more dramatic and electronic territory touching electro grounds. To close things out we also added an instrumental on the vinyl and radio mix on the digital version of this new EP. Enjoy as much as we did putting this together for you!



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