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BJORN TORSKE Bjorn Torske presents Hell Yeah Mixtape

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イタリアのポスト・バレアリック・レーベルHELL YEAHから、ノルウェー、レフトフィールド・ディスコの奇才BJORN TORSKEのミックステープ。

各サイド45分のC90。ダウンロードコード付き。アートワークは、FETT BURGERの手にによるもの。脱力ユル、マジカル・サウンドの魅力。ストックしました! (サイトウ)

試聴音源は、ニュートーンでバイト中のDJ ◯(MARU)作成の抜粋音源です。

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Stuck at home with nothing to do for days, starved of culture and community? Now you know how Bjørn Torske felt in the Tromsø of the late 80s. Just like you, he found solace in sound, teaming up with his nearest and dearest to lay the foundations of Norwegian dance music.

Fitting then, that this should be the man to take you on a journey though the special sounds of Hell Yeah Recordings with this C90 masterpiece. Playful yet poetic, Bjørn’s easy style offers immersive groove with a personal twist; maybe a drastic pitch shift, sudden switch of intensity or effortless balance of opposing arpeggios.

Gliding from Calm’s celestial cool through cosmic funk curios from the likes of Juan Moretti to frantic acid gargle or off-kilter post-filter disco, the Norwegian pioneer pays homage to the diversity and quality of the Italian label with an undeniable affection. And hey, the feeling’s mutual - Bjørn is Marco Gallerani’s #1 DJ hero. The adventurous sounds of Hell Yeah Recordings, blended with gusto by Bjørn Torske and dressed to impress in a collectible Fett Burger sleeve.

(Patrick Ryder)



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