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'19年にリリースされた、<RUNNING BACK>のコンピレーション「One Swallow Doesn't Make A Summer」の第1弾に収録されスマッシュヒットした、スウェーデンのニューカマー・THOMAS HENRIKSSO a.k.a. STORKENによるアンセムトラック”Lille Vals”のリミキシーズ登場!

TODD TERJEもプレイしている前述のオリジナルバージョン”Lille Vals”(sample1)はもちろん、テクノ方面のDJたちがサポートしている、テヘラン出身で<IT'S ALL IN YOU>レーベル主宰のNYMAことAJAKSによる螺旋を辿るトランシーなリミックス”Lille Vals (Ajaks Remix)”(sample2)も強力!そして、BPMをグッと抑えて時間帯問わずプレイできそうな<RUNNING BACK>のGERD JANSONヴァージョン”Lille Vals (Gerd Janson's Talamanca Dub)”(sample3)も流石です! (DNT)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Lille Vals (6:23)sample
A2.Lille Vals (Gerd Janson's Talamanca Dub) (7:06)sample
B1.Lille Vals (Patrick Topping Remix) (6:15)sample
B2.Lille Vals (Ajaks Remix) (6:53)sample

Storken’s „Lille Vals“ is among those type of infectious and addictive instrumentals that feel like songs without words, pop without divas or perfectly synthesized disco. Being the debut of a young and promising man from Sweden as, it received candid praise by dancers and DJs alike. Originally „Lille Vals“ appeared as the centerpiece of Running Back’s One-swallow-sampler series, it earned its second spring on a dedicated 12inch release. Although still as much fun as the first time around, Storken’s precious little diamond gets a threepart remix treatment to season the dish. His fellow Ajaks offers a stripped down ans mesmerizing take that should make minimalists allergic sufferers of melodies happy. Newcastle’s power house Patrick Topping pulls out one of his tricks to beam it into his own world and brings out all the big elements to make it even – yes – bigger. Finally, Gerd Janson does the opposite and dubs out the highs and lows of the original to meet Augustus Pablo and Daniele Baldelli somewhere uptown.



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