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THE ZENMENN Enter The Zenmenn

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MUSIC FROM MEMORYからミステリアスな現行バンドTHE ZENMENNのデビューアルバム・リリース。

ロングセラー中のYU SU、DAM FUNK変名GARRETTに続いてミステリアスな現行のバンド。こちらも到着しております!MORR MUSICからリリースするFENSTERのメンバーでソロ作もアンビエントポップ、ドリーム・ポップ・ファンの間で人気だったJOHN MOODSがゲスト参加。辿れる情報はそれくらいです。クライマックスなラストソングを試聴一曲目という変速反則な感じにしてますが、一生心に残る曲になる可能性あります。「Topaz (The Days Of Our Lives)」。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.The Magic Eyesample
A2.Homage To A Friendship Feat. John Moodssample
A3.Flags Of The Worldsample
A4.Bamboo Gardensample
B1.Stairway To Heavensample
B2.Salad Barsample
B3.Topaz (The Days Of Our Lives)sample

Returning with another debut album for 2021, Music From Memory are delighted to introduce a new band, The Zenmenn, with their first ever release ‘Enter The Zenmenn’. Whilst little about the band is made known, their work is described by writer Winton Rousseauas an “experiment in harmonic convergence emerging from a deep respect for cosmic symmetry and a resistance to the prevailing Zeitgeist.”

‘Enter The Zenmenn’ sounds as old as it sounds new, as organic as it is electric, as harmonic as it is rhythmic, and the album’s fusion of different palettes, colours, tempos, instruments and sources offer a harmonious balance and unity that already feels like the perfect soundtrack to a better world. In a time of what they see as spiritual neglect, it offers a “human kind of stillness” through the “dualistic fusions of complexity and simplicity, mystery and clarity and East and West”.

MFM054 will be released in LP and digital format, comes with artwork by Bráulio Amado, and is expected to be out on April 12th 2021.



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