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ロンドンのレアレコード専科のレコードショップ〈DIGGERS DOZEN〉による82年のブリット・ファンク、UK ブギーのカルトな一枚ロンドンのカリブ移民Tony Crockettの「Queen Of Hearts」。

僅かな期間の活動でこの一枚のみを残した幻のシンガーTONY CROCKETT、シンセサイザー、アレンジャーのRALPH LEWARSたちによるキラーな一枚!シンセサイザーサウンドの歪み、ダブ、カリビーンなテイスト、DIYなブギーの凄みが沁みます。ラップ出てくるあたりで昇天。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Queen Of Hearts (6:42)sample
B.Plane Jane (6:46)sample

A lost UK boogie gem from 1982 / Brit Funk era, recorded by singer Tony Crockett and Ralph Lewars' band "Pastiche" !

All in their early to mid 20's and born in London of Caribbean descent. The group were short lived, working on material for just a few years with the "Queen of Hearts" 12-inch being their only release. The track immediately demands the listener's attention with it's jazz piano, thumping drums, heavy bass, guitar licks and laced with funky flute, synth stabs, spacey sound effects, then dropping into soulful silky vocals and slinky rap - bringing together this killer boogie groove. Now finely re-issued for the first time by Diggers Dozen, giving this incredible rare record a more deserved chance to be heard and loved!



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