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KURTISS Tributes & Remixes

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ノルウェー発、ブギー、ヒップホップ、ハウス、アート。ミックスカルチャーユニークな作品を送り出しているMUTUAL INTENTIONS。CURTIS VODKAという名義で00年代にゲットハウス、BOOTYな作品を送り出していたアラスカのアーチストだというKURTISSの12インチ。同時リリースの「The Curtis Vodka Ep」と対となるLARRY HEARDやアーリーハウスへのトリビュート的な3 TRACKS EP。

A2のCan You Feel It、SADE。オールドスクールへのオマージュ。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Every Woman Loves Acidsample
A2.Can You Feel It (LH Tribute)sample
B.Never Thought (Live Mix)sample

Kurtiss immortalizes his style of Hi-Def House for the physical format with an EP and 12” whitelabel coming via the Mutual Intentions outfit. The elusive American artist weaves classic House music influences through vintage sound machines for this rarified diptych. Moving between the EP and the 12,” Kurtiss takes us from the early evening into peak time with an emphasis on high fidelity and expressive sojourns through the dance floor. The enticing package ushers in a new era for Kurtiss’ music, sealing his future in wax, and bringing his music to a bigger audience through the Mutual Intentions franchise.



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