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VARIOUS Planet Love: Early Transmissions 1990-95

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他方面から再評価すすむアーリートランスを、YOUNG MARCOとRUSHHOURのクリスチャンがコンパイル。「Dream House」な視点の視点の延長線でのセレクト!

MIKE VAN DIJKやPAUL VAN DYK、OLIVER LIEBといった後のビックアーチストなたちやHOLY GHOSTからDAMON WILDまで。レイヴ、パーティーミュージックの究極の一つ様々な進化をとげるトランスシーンを初期のアンダーグラウンドな音源の数々から13曲をセレクト!音にハマるということを追求し続けるダンス・ミュージックの素晴らしいアートフォーム。是非! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

1.HAWKE - Nudes In A Purple Gardensample
2.MIND GEAR - Don't Panic (Transpanic Mix)sample
3.GLAM - My Mother Said (Cosmic Trance Mix)sample
5.HOLY GHOST INC - Mad Monks On Zincsample
6.MORGAN WILD - Dionysian Dream Sacramentsample
7.EPSYLON 9 - Life Formationsample
8.SPOOKY - Orange Coloured Liquidsample
9.EXTASIA - Alegrya (Virtual Mix)sample
10.HUMATE - Love Stimulation (Love Mix)sample
11.ONEIRIC VORTEX - Oasisample
12.HUMAN BEINGS - The Matrixsample
13.L.S.G - Lonely Casseopaya (Club Mix)sample

Having previously celebrated the deep and colourful world of late ‘80s and early ‘80s Italian house via the popular Welcome To Paradise compilation series, Safe Trip has now turned its attention to the roots and formative years of trance music.

Planet Love: Early Transmissions 1990-95 showcases the roots and formative years of trance via 13 loved-up, psychedelic, colourful, melodious and surprisingly varied dancefloor experiments from Europe, Australia and the United States.

The compilation includes pioneering proto-trance and early trance tracks from the likes of Hawke (AKA influential San Francisco producer Gavin Hardkiss), Epilson 9, Spooky, Oliver Lieb, Holy Ghost Inc, Morgan Wild (an outfit whose members included early NYC techno titan Damon Wild), Mijk van Dijk, Glam and Paul van Dyk.

Packed with must-have cuts, slept-on gems and sought-after rarities, Planet Love: Early Transmissions 1990-95 maintains the loved-up, listenable vibe of Welcome to Paradise while broadening its musical horizons. It is not a definitive history of trance music’s early years, but rather a colourful, life-affirming celebration of the varied strands that came together to create one of dance music’s most popular and enduring styles.



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