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TODH TERI Deep In India Vol.9

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謎多きTODH TERI。Deep In Indiaの第9弾。A1は、TODH TERI関連何度か使用されてきた謎のアーチスト名Kone Kone。エレクトリック・ギターとオールド、シンセセリフ、 ハイエナジー・ボリウッド・ハウスな「Sampadan 30」を筆頭に4 トラックス。

ボリウッド・リエディットをベースに80sディスコのマニアックな魅力と、馬鹿馬鹿しさを絶妙に攻め立て、ダンスミュージックのエンターテイメントを追求する「Deep In India」シリーズ。アッパーな「Sampadan 30」、ヴォーカルサンプルと、コーラスサンプルやギターを絶妙にループしながらアシッディーなグルーヴへ展開していく「Sampadan 31」、B1もボリウッド色薄め、80sのシンセサイザー・ポップ・サウンドの魅力を昇華させた「Sampadan 32」。B2はレゲエのグルーヴにのったダビー、ユニーク・ディスコ・ポップ。最高! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Kone Kone Sampadan 30sample
A2.Todh Teri Sampadan 31sample
B1.Todh Teri Sampadan 32sample
B2.Todh Teri Sampadan 33sample

The man with the funky plan is back! Known for his groovy disco edits, Todh Teri is back with Deep In India Vol. 9. This all new record features another fellow sampler and old time record digger - Kone Kone. The album starts off with Sampadan 30 where Kone Kone works his magic to bring out delicious crossover disco beats that characterise the charming 80s flowing into the alluring 90s of the Indian cinescape, with the old school glam of electric guitars and synths. This thumping track is followed by Sampadan 31 which is reminiscent of Chicago house but with Todh Teri’s classic Indian touch. Next up is Sampadan 32, with a simple yet funky bassline and juicy vocals that make you travel back in time to a golden era, making it quite an enticing vibe. Find solace with Sampadan 33, the final track on the record, a quintessential dub version of another classic that will make your head bob and drift you off to a safe & happy place.All in all, this record is wholesome as it has something for each and every listener with a brilliant illustration by Costanza Chandra in collaboration with Masala Movement



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