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VARIOUS ARTISTS Dancing With Friends Vol.2

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ロンドンのアンダーグラウンド・エレクトロニック・ミュージック・クルー、DJ集団、レコード・レーベル、ラジオ番組、定期的なパーティー・シリーズを展開しているSLOTHBOOGIEのレーベルから12組のアーチストが集ったコンピレーション。The RevengeやFelipe Gordon、Fede Lng(Axe On Wax)、Jesse Bruといったシーンの一線活躍するアーチスト達、 Mock & ToofのNick WoolfsonのプロジェクトMetropolitan Soul Museum、SLOTHBOOGIEかっらリリースのあるJoe CleenやSoul Wun、Lobster Thremin周辺とも繋がるAmy Dabbs等ハウスミュージックの次世代も交えたコンピレーション。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Soul Wun - 96 To Albert Parksample
A2.T U.r.f - Easy Way Outsample
A3.Joe Cleen  - Chainsmokersample
B1.Felipe Gordon - Avalanchasample
B2.Jesse Bru - Yellow Sunshine Machinesample
B3.Erik Ellmann - Private Talksample
C1.Kristy Harper - Blissful Denialsample
C2.Amy Dabbs - Nebelsample
C3.Fede Lng & Mojeaux Ft Raw Takes - Mackie Acidsample
D1.Two Half Circles - Daisy’S Groovesample
D2.The Revenge - High Timesample
D3.Metropolitan Soul Museum - Four Dancerssample

London's SlothBoogie return with the second instalment of their 'Dancing With Friends' series this August, featuring exclusive new music from Kemback, Felipe Gordon, Mak z, Bill Mango, The Revenge and more.

Following the success of the inaugural 'Dancing With Friends', which featured the likes of Kassian, Letherette, Joe Cleen and Ruff Stuff amongst others, the crew are back with that ever so tricky... second album. This sequel however, will not disappoint. The team have scoured the four corners of the globe to provide listeners with a comprehensive follow up that showcases more brand-new music from their favourite producers.

'Dancing With Friends Vol.2' is a deftly curated selection of the diverse styles synonymous with the SlothBoogie sound, ranging from the hazy deepness of cuts by Amy Dabbs, DJ Counselling, Bill Mango, Metropolitan Soul Museum and Kristy Harper to Disco tinged, jazzy, bumpy numbers from the likes of Jesse Bru, T.U.R.F. and Felipe Gordon through to more tripped out acid workouts by The Revenge, Fede Lng & Mojeaux, Togethrs and Pablot.

With this latest collection you can trust SlothBoogie to bring some much-needed dancefloor unity and sun-drenched energy to the world for the summer of 2021. The perfect soundtrack to reconnect and begin dancing with friends once again.

The vinyl format will come as a Gatefold Cover with 2 x 12" cream speckled clear vinyl and will include the full digital album download cards.



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