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MORI RA Gaia Edits EP

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MM DISCOSから、MORI RAのリエディット、ニューリリース。Gaia Edits EP。

Macadam MamboやForest Jams等からリリースしてきた大阪のレコードディガー、MORI RAのリエディットがポルトガルの MM DISCOSから12インチリリース。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Gaia Chaos (08:33)sample
A2.Goreate (05:24)sample
B1.Gaia Disco (05:04)sample
B2.Penguins Rpair (05:11)sample

Mori Ra strikes back at MM Discos with “Gaia Edits", after the successful release back in May on the label of the “portuñol” duo, Da Silva and Dj Katah welcome again Osaka’s best record collector with 4 new high quality editions.
Staying loyal to his eclecticism, Mori Ra approaches this time a lil more to the dancefloor by doing a more hedonistic work than his previous release on “MM Discos” , an exuberant “disco-no-disco” exercise mixed with ethnic references, wicked percussion, charming marimbas and an endless of psychedelic elements. A record done for the soul; spiritual, mystic, highly addictive and 100% danceable.

A very special release where the Japanese artist has involved his son who helped with choosing the sound source for this record.



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