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ヒューストン出身の若きR&Bシンガー/ソングライター:Peyton (ペイトン)、Stones Throwからのデビューアルバム”PSA”がアナログLPでリリース!Ari LennoxやJoyce Wriceと並びシーンの次世代を担う超実力派ネオR&Bシンガー、Stones Throwから待望のフル・アルバム!今に響く90’s R&Bの良質な部分をアップデートなサウンドで綴った最高にキュートでソウルフルな作品の登場です!!

▼ Tracklisting

A1.What Did I Do (2:52) 
A2.Let It Flow (3:27) 
A3.Haters (2:52) 
A4.Ppl Say (2:33) 
A5.IRLMB (1:30) 
A6.Vicky's Interlude (2:03) 
B1.Big Flexer (1:51) 
B2.Don't U Wanna Fly (3:22) 
B3.Tad Bit (2:41) 
B4.It's Been So Long (2:36) 
B5.Perfect Peach (3:04) 
B6.Pure Imagination (2:34) 

The InternetのSteve Lacyとのシングル“Verbs”、そしてThunder CatやTyler, The Creator等ビッグネームが名を連ねる人気TVドラマ「インセキュア」サウンドトラックへの参加“Sweet Honey”など、全米で人気急上昇の実力派R&B歌姫: Peyton。
Okay PlayerやFader、Nylon等大手メディアも大絶賛!Ari LennoxやJoyce Wrice等、台頭するネオ90’s R&BシーンにStones Throwからまたまた規格外の才能が登場!テキサスの音楽家系に生まれ、グラミーの経験も持つ祖母の影響で幼少から音楽に慣れ親しんできた生粋の歌姫。ヒップホップやエレクトロニック、モダンブギーなど様々なダンスミュージックを通過したサウンドに今に響く90’s R&Bのフレイヴァーを注入、透明感溢れる歌声で綴ったキュートでフレッシュな、まさに次世代のネオ90’s R&Bアルバム!モダンでありながらどこかノスタルジック、全編に渡って繰り広げられる清涼感溢れる音世界に多くの音楽ファンが魅了されること間違いなしです!!

Radiating confidence and self-love, PSA sees Peyton standing in the spotlight and making herself heard. Throughout the 12-track album, listeners are taken inside the reflective world of a young woman’s attempt to comprehend love, friendship, and life itself. “Everything I’m singing feels like my thoughts are pouring out boldly to the world,” says Peyton.

Peyton began writing PSA in 2018, then worked with several producers including Biako, Jay Anthony, Vicky Farewell, Julia Lewis and Keys & Krates, to bring her vision to life. The album’s opening track “What Did I Do” puts a positive spin on her break-up with a close friend; “Don’t U Wanna Fly” is a reminder to see the beauty in child-like simplicity; “Let It Flow” is about trusting your intuition, and “Perfect Peach” is a song about innocent love. The album closes with Peyton’s cover of “Pure Imagination” – originally sung by Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory – a song that draws on PSA’s themes of youthful hope and continual creativity.

Growing up, Peyton learned just how empowering music can be while she sang in her church and was mentored by her grandmother, the great Grammy Award-nominated gospel singer Theola Booker. In recent years, Peyton’s breakout hit single “Sweet Honey” appeared on HBO’s Insecure, and in 2019, she released her debut Stones Throw EP Reach Out. Now, she is ready to make her PSA to the world.



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