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デジタルオンリーだったI:CUBEのリミックス筆頭に、JOHANNES ALBERT主宰のFRANK MUSICのレアトラック・バナル化シリーズ第3弾。

Iron Curtis & Johannes Albert 「Hurting」のI:CUBEのリミックスとそのボーナスビート、アルバム収録曲の別バージョンSchönrain" (Ibiza Mix)と、Kuhruh" (Italo Mix)のリミックス、Footjobでお馴染みのSascha Ciminieraの曲をJOHANNES ALBERTがリミックスしたMilla Calls" (Johannes Albert Metro Mix)。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Iron Curtis & Johannes Albert "Hurting" (I Cube Remix) (05:48)sample
A2.Johannes Albert "Schönrain" (Ibiza Mix) (04:12)sample
A3.Hurting" (I Cube Bonus Beat) (04:02)sample
B1.Johannes Albert "Kuhruh" (Italo Mix) (06:02)sample
B2.Sascha Ciminiera "Milla Calls" (Johannes Albert Metro Mix) (06:03)sample

When talking I:Cube it is hard to avoid superlatives. The french maestro is surely in your favorite producers top 3 producers list. Nicolas Chaix delivers the goods since the mid 90s. From inventing French House (see "Disco Cubizm" with the help of Daft Punk for reference) over the massive 12" dancefloor-madness of "Prophetization" to the perfect warmup track "Falling" he manufactures dance music that is unpretentious, classy and most of all: eternal. In a nutshell: we are true I:Cube disciples. He twists "Hurting" by Iron Curtis & Johannes Albert in a heartfelt way. File under Melancholic House. For the hard working DJ - Bonus Beat included. We carry on with Frank Music chairman Johannes Albert and 3 of his latest dance mixes. Now let the arpeggiator speak and the dancefloor holler.



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