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REDANCE/ QUICKWEAVE Burning Heat Ep (Incl. Nick Holder & AceMo Remixes)

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Anthony Naplesあたりにも通じるUsハウスのネクスト・ジェネレーション。ニューオリンズのQuickweave & Redance。ベテランNick Holderのリミックス、Nycの気鋭Acemoのリミックス収録。ハウスはエロス抜きには語れないダンス音楽なの思い出しました。

ニューオリンズ、ローカルのQuickweave (Jalen Dilosa) とRedance (David Yaconi)によるスプリット。A SIDEREDANCE、LGBTQも込みで、ハウス官能な側面をアップデートした変態さ。鍵盤を使ったループ、ストレートアヘッドないいハウスビート。2B-SIDEもR&Bサンプル、MoMA READYとしても知られ、PhotayやPlanet MuともつながるAceMoのリミックスも収録などに加えて、ベテラン、久々にまともに音を聴いたニック・ホルダー現行音源、リミックスが聴けて嬉しい。180 g重量盤。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.REDANCE - Excuse Me Miss (4:57)sample
A2.REDANCE - Hot Wax Summer (5:43)sample
A3.REDANCE /NICK HOLDER - Excuse Me Miss - (Nick Holder Remix) (5:53)sample
B1.QUICKWEAVE - You Lied to Me (5:44)sample
B2.QUICKWEAVE - Too Late, Don't Care (5:45)sample
B3.QUICKWEAVE /ACEMO - You Lied to Me (AceMo Remix) (5:26)sample

BURNING HEAT is a potent tincture, a focused distillation now years in the making. Carefully chosen from over 20 new productions and extensively play-tested at parties across New Orleans and beyond, BURNING HEAT is the latest collaborative effort by locals Quickweave (Jalen Dilosa) and Redance (David Yaconi); a split EP forthcoming on Hiatt dB’s New Orleans-based Mystery Zone Records July 1st 2022.

The 180-gram 12 inch features 2 tracks from each artist along with a pair of remixes split evenly between the “WHITE HOT” and “RED HOT” sides courtesy of Toronto’s Nick Holder and NYC’s AceMo, respectively. Its sound draws inspiration from the lessor-dug House stylings of the early 00s. With BURNING HEAT, Quickweave and Redance have repositioned the era’s lush textures and sensual atmosphere against heavier rhythms and more circular, hypnotic arrangements. The result? Deep club workouts focused on fostering connection, joy and romance on the dancefloor.

These hard-hitting, DJ-friendly productions were made in part to power the duo’s post-lockdown come-back party venture, Mercy. Early demos and updated edits became part of the sound of our collective reconnection as lockdowns relaxed and infection numbers fell in Summer 2021. On BURNING HEAT you’ll hear late-night New Orleans in the dead of Summer – warm and inviting club cuts to soundtrack a low-lit, neighborhood backroom disco-dive. Polished from a trove of DJ tools made for the artists’ personal sets, this selection features nothing but guaranteed party-starters, vetted both in the studio and behind the booth.



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