• 12inch

By & Bye

  • Cat No: HAWAII007
  • 2017-03-27


12inch1790 JPY

同レーベルからのデビューシングルがアンダーグラウンド発、ロングセラーのカルトヒットとなったHIDDEN SPHERES。新作です!

HIDDEN SPHERES新作です。ジャジー、オーガニックなフュージョンサウンド。じわりと沁みてくるようないい曲A1筆頭に4 TRACKS。じっくり繰り広げられる。派手さも媚もないグッド・ミュージックです。 (サイトウ)

Track List

Hidden Spheres comes drifting off of the sunset coast with four soothing slices of winter sun from far away islands and mountainous journeys.

Blending loosely played natural drum patterns with intertwining and playfully positive melodies that skirt the synth-flute boundary, ~~~~~~ is an ambiguous meander across beaches, through forests, thick undergrowth up and up onto a mountain hung with fresh mist that slowly evolves into a dense fog as the suns reign comes to a close in an orange band of fading embers.

Beachy let's the night settle in amongst the shore, as the day creatures descend into their evening hideaways and the fireflies and owls take over. The washing of the sea hissing and gasping behind a slow chatter of reeds blowing in the wind.

Picking up where the first EP left off, By & Bye is a reprise from past days. Welcoming a new sun and embracing the slow rise of humans amidst the yellowing egg-like sun.

Then to finish us off is the jazz-flecked house of Movin'. All urgent Rhodes stabs, doodling bass lines and puttering lazy drums sketches. A low-lying, sleepily danced-away closer.

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