• 12inch + Postcard


  • Cat No: OP007
  • 2018-03-21


12inch + Postcard ---- JPY

LOBSTER THEREMINとも共振して、ロンドンの新しいハウスのムーヴメントを形成しているレーベルの一つ〈OF PARADISE〉からウィーンのOALL HATESのデビューEP。

ガラージマナーなヴォーカルを使った「Allez Vous」BLEEP & BASSな「Beautifully Executed」、JACK HOUSEな「Flux State」、「Constant Conditions」。 (サイトウ)

Of Paradise kick 2018 off in style with €mo†íonål, a thunderous debut EP from Austrian producer, Øall Håtes. Packed with four rip roaring house and techno cuts that shift between the club and the dungeon, each one thick with Detroit flavour and black magic.

EP opener Ålléz Vøus is a pounding and rolling slab of raw house music for the small hours and beyond. An unforgiving kick drum, ruthless percussion and an infectious vocal hook each latching onto the listener and dragging them deep into the darkness of an undiscovered chamber.

Béåutífu||¥ €xéçu†ed shifts the gears into blistering and uncharted waters. A battle cry like no other, spurred on by rapid fire drum work, frantic percussion and swirling pads, each facing off with one another over a lake of molten lava.

The B-side launches with ƒlux $†até, an expertly crafted and sinister slice of acid tinged and warehouse-ready techno. Undulating drums and driving percussion move snakelike through the city streets, jacking and pulsating as they go. This one's for the 5am brigade, the ones who never want to stop and the Monday morning dreamers.

Closing out the EP is Cønstån† Cøñdítiøn$, a blissful and beautifully refined piece of house music. A spectral journey through love, heartache and raw emotion, which propels the listener headfirst through a blistering landscape of colours, hopes and dreams yet to be realised. A truly evocative and spellbinding end point to an exceptional record.

€mo†íonål comes packaged in a matte black sleeve complete with sticker and A6 insert.

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