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Ben loves Terre loves Robin

  • Cat No: PRE002
  • 2018-07-30


12inch ---- JPY


TERRE THAEMLITZとROBIN RIMBAUD、BEN GALYAS 、LGBT(QO)をアイデンティティに繋がる3人による〈PREMATURE Recordings〉からのEP。A-SIDEはTERRE THAEMLITZとROBIN RIMBAUDによる「Terre loves Robin」。 BEN GALYASによる(Cloud Version)の B-SIDE。アンビエンスの中で繰り広げられる電子音楽とピアノのユニーク、かつ真摯、聴くべき素晴らしい音楽。 (サイトウ)

"Ben loves Terre loves Robin" is the second EP off Premature. Featuring works by Terre Thaemlitz (aka DJ Sprinkles), Scanner, and a first from London based producer Ben Galyas. The EP builds upon a private archival project involving Thaemlitz and Scanner, "Terre loves Robin" brings deep solo recitals to intercepted telephone conversations (think Leveson, just more intimate). Galyas' "Cloud Version" is heavy ambience, glitched piano and harpsichord.
Mastered by Dubplates and Mastering, distributed by Honest Jon's Records.

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