Atlanta Millionaires Club

  • Cat No: SC376
  • 2021-09-27



【リストック】これでFAYE WEBSTERの存在、ひろく注目されたとおもいます。今のアメリカらしいユニークな個性。アトランタのシンガーソングライター、フェイ・ウェブスターのニューアルバム。めちゃ良いです。言葉を置くタイム感覚も独特。

15才でアルバムを自主リリース、同アトランタのラッパーFATHERのレーベル〈AWFUL RECORDS〉からリリースした2017年のアルバムに続いて、新作アルバム「Atlanta Millionaires Club」を〈SECRETLY CANADIAN〉からリリース(2019)。FATHERをフィーチャリングした「Flowers」や、シンクロナイズド・スイマー、フラダンサーをフィーチャリングした「Room Temperature」の映像は自ら監督してるとのこと。ユニーク。ダウンロードコード付き、ノーマルエディション。推薦。 (サイトウ)

Atlanta Millionaires Club is in Faye Webster's feelings, and that’s the way she likes it. "Everything is way personal," Webster says. "I have to write about very personal things for me to even want to write." On the 21-year-old Atlanta native’s new album, the omnipresence of pedal steel eschews bluegrass trappings, exible under Webster's genre-bending direction. Webster didn’t set out to make it sound like any artist in particular, but she cites Aaliyah as her main musical inspiration for how she uses sound. "That's where I first heard, 'Oh, there's this weird guitar that's bendy and it could totally be in a country song,' but the way she's using it is what makes her music so special to me," Webster explains. "I try to do that. I try to change the way pedal steel is supposed to sound, or keys, to make it more R&B." Pulling from a familial lineage of folk storytelling and time spent in Atlanta's hip-hop scene, Webster's work is a study of duality, weaving through her own introversion and heartbreak; it's an idiosyncratic sadness punctuated by fleeting observations and an unexpected, sly sense of humor. And like the way Webster takes the traditional instrumentation of Americana and ips it into something else, she uses her own calm, laid-back demeanor to say you can be boldly and unapologetically yourself in a quiet way, too.

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