• 12inch

Exodus B/W Kamchatkan

  • Cat No: ESP092
  • 2019-11-13


12inch1690 JPY

レフトフィールドなダンス・ミュージックの充実のリリースを続けるLOVE FINGERS主宰の〈ESP INSTITUTE〉からGifted Culture Collectiveにも参加するXINNER aka ROBOTRON。

SLOW LIFEのS. MOREIRAとの共作でデビューし、 AUTREとTWO THOUが中心となったコレクティブGIFTED CULTUREにも加わったXINNER aka ROBOTRONが〈ESP INSTITUTE〉から12インチリリース。現在では無くなりつつあるようなSCI-FIサイバネティックな戦争が残した戦利品のような、マシーン・ダンス・ミュージック。B-SIDEは極東カムチャツカ(半島)をタイトルに、ハーフのステップを織り交ぜ、アシッドなシンセが潜行する (サイトウ)

Track List

Robotron successfully autonomized and has now breached the mainframe. This is its second offering for the ESP Institute. Side A’s Exodus picks up where the last 12” left off, the spoils of cybernetic war as scavenged by the now-defunct Xinner and translated by Robotron into machine dance music for a post-apocalyptic future. With only a select few analog machines with which to communicate, it manages to produce the most bombastic beat we’ve heard this side of the acid winter—a mighty compressor permeates all spare gaps in the waveform, as communicative bleeps and note-bending mechanics work in concert to assemble a highly dynamic composition— emboldening us with courage for a new age. On the flip side, Kamchatkan renders a sparse image of a only remaining organic life, found in the furthest Eastern reaches of the Asian continent, the Kamchatka peninsula. Here, Robotron experienced a metamorphosis, a collapse of its structured programming in which it became self-aware and transitioned from its quantitative agenda to a qualitative enlightenment. This breath of new life invigorated Robotron’s musical approach as heard in the aforementioned title, revealing an uncanny ability for humanistic percussion and lyrical Acid melodies. These two programs will conduct synchronized dances for the masses.

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