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Sin Existencia

  • Cat No: SC014
  • 2022-12-19


LP2490 JPY

インドネシア、ジャカルタのシーンから注目のZATUAを〈MUSIC FROM MENORY〉のサブレーベル、〈SECOND CIRCLE〉がミニアルバム・リリース!面白い音楽が産まれてる。

ジャワ島とジャカルタで録音した6曲で構成したEP。カシオトーンから、DX7 JUPITER、ブックラ・ミュージック・イーゼルまで使用するDEE BARANDAとWAHONOの二人を中心に生ドラムや生楽器のエレクトロニック+バンドスタイル。MUSIC FROM MENORY等が推し進めてきたオブスキュアなシンセサイザー・ミュージックの流れにも通じるジャズやフリーロックのエッセンスも持ったユニークで電子音楽、セッション。初期ジミ・テナーやブリジット・フォンテーヌ、シンセウェイヴ、サイケデリック・ブギーに自国の伝統音楽や仏教音楽、民族的な要素が垣間見れる。面白い。推薦! (サイトウ)

Second Circle are thrilled to announce the latest release on the label comes from the Indonesian outfit Zatua with their debut release ‘Sin Existencia’. First formed by Dea Barandana, the seven track album was recorded in Jakarta and Bali over two years and grew out of improvised live shows with a band Dea put together.

Zatua first performed together in 2017 at the Goethe Institute in Jakarta as a last minute addition to the bill, having only a week to prepare and rehearse. The live show would consist of material based on simple melodic ideas and extended sections growing into live jams. Taking material from Dea Barandana’s solo compositions the ideas were then further developed and re-structured by Dea and band members Harsya Wahono, Adra Karim and Rafi Muhammad into finished pieces. Inviting further guest musicians to join on various tracks, the vocals were in fact largely improvised by Carmen Caballero Fernández and Sasha Sabrina - in French, Spanish and Asturian.

Using predominantly analogue equipment, ’Sin Extistencia’ is the final outcome of an extensive exploration into the unique sonic ranges and musical fascinations of the various members of the band. Taking influence from Indonesian psychedelic music from the 1970’s and 80’s the album presents a fascinating glimpse into contemporary Indonesian electronic music with a nod to it’s little known but rich past.

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