• 12inch

Mind’s Eye

  • Cat No: HPOG001
  • 2020-02-17


12inch ---- JPY

HEIST、Freerange Recordingsからエレクトロニックなモダン・フュージョン、ソウルのネスクト・レベルなディープハウスを模索してきたノースロンドンのHUGO MARIがHIGH PRAISEから12インチリリース!

〈XVI RECORDS〉からのBOOKS名義でのリリースを皮切りに、BOOKS名義での「High Praise Edits」でレーベル名がHIGH PRAISEに移行、同名のパーティーのレジンデンツDJでもあるHUGO MARI自身がレーネルのオリジナルトラックとしての第1弾リリース。BOOKS名義や〈HEIST〉名義でもコラヴォレーションしてきたピアニスト/シンガーZODIACをフィーチャリング。MISTERIOUS HAZEY JAMと紹介された「Mind’s Eye」。B-SIDEは、エレピ、パーカッション、低めにグルーヴするディープハウス「Kokiri Forest」。 (サイトウ)

Following releases on both Heist and Freerange Recordings, “Minds Eye” see’s North London’s Hugo Mari returning from the mountain top with two beautifully created and emotive jams, once again taking the helm of his own High Praise imprint, on a departure from their usual edit format.

“Mind’s Eye” sees Hugo once again join forces with three time collaborator Zodiac, delivering a soul drenched, mysterious and hazy jam in his unmistakable falsetto vocal styling.

On the flip, “Kokiri Forest” takes the listener to a serene clearing deep in a mist covered rainforest. Ambient percussion rings out from all sides as an unstoppable rhythm appears through the darkness.

Having showcased his versatility by remixing tracks by the likes of Dele Sosimi and Grime Legend Trim (as well as being remixed by Laurence Guy, Kai Alce and the mighty Detroit Swindle). He has a knack for fusing organic elements with driving rhythms and emotive melodies, crafting versatile material that works beautifully either at home or on the dance floor.

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