• 12inch

Journey / Double Journey (Inc. Sax Mix)

  • Cat No: MRB12047
  • 2022-09-29


12inch ---- JPY

ATMOSFEARのAndy SojkaのレーベルELITEからリリースされ、DAVID MANCUSOのLOFTのクラシックスはじめ、未だ愛され続ける「Double Journey」と「Journey 」のアナログ12インチ再発。ストックしました。

DAVID MANCUSO、LARRY LEVAN、FRANCOIS Kはじめ、多くのDJに愛されてきたリアル・マスターピース。BRIT JAZZ FUNK、1981年にELITEからリリースされ、NYC PRERUDEからもライセンスされた「Journey / Double Journey」。未発表の「Journey To... SAX MIX」を加えてMR.BONGOが正規再発! (サイトウ)

Classic jazz/funk/disco cut that became an instant anthem on all discerning dance floors when it was originally released, and for decades to follow. Includes the previously commercially unreleased Sax Mix of ‘Journey’, cut loud at 45rpm.

Championed by DJs including Francois Kevorkian, David Mancuso, Larry Levan and more, it’s a record that, alongside tracks like Atmosfear’s ‘Dancing In Outer Space’, become synonymous with the UK influence on US club music at the time. A sound that many forward thinking DJs in New York, Chicago etc. embraced to stand out from the crowd and bring depth to the dance floor.

Driving jazz/funk, legato bass, grooving beats, subtle keys, dubbed out percussion and guitar licks that bring you to a simple but infectious piano melody.

A collaboration between Andy Sodjka and Jerry Pike, mastered by Herb Powers.

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