• 12inch

Lido Iride EP

  • Cat No: REB121
  • 2020-03-30


12inch1490 JPY

パーカッション、コズミックシンセ、スペース・ファンク、エレクトロニックハウス。良作。REBITHからCHROMATIC FILTERSの新作。LTJ Xperience、Don Carlosのイタリアのハウスシーンのレジェンドをリミキサーに迎えています。

REBIRTHを拠点に、ロンドンで活動するイタリア人PIERPAOLO SECHI & LUCA SANNAのCHROMATIC FILTERS新作リリース。DUB HOUSE DISCO、90s NUHOUSE、FAZE ACTIONやIDJUT BOYSあたりも彷彿させるエレクトロニック、ハウスのセクシャリティ、スペースド・アウトなサウンドトリップ。それぞれいいテンション、グルーヴ。

Track List

Chromatic Filters are back in 2020 with their fifth EP on Rebirth, anticipating the release of their first album.

The Italian duo based in London by Luca Sanna and Pierpaolo Sechi, remain faithful to their sound but evolve by exploring new musical territories. The ‘Lido Iride EP’ fuses many different elements of electronic music with live instruments: the atmospheric and spacious style gives us more to discover with every listen. ‘Eugene’ is a tasty take on deep house marked out by synth chord progressions, acoustic guitars and shuffling grooves. ‘First Impact’ has a jazz feel, with strings and cosmic synths.

The vinyl press also includes two remixes by two highly regarded artists in the Italian underground scene for some time now: Don Carlos and Luca Trevisi aka LTJ Xperience.
Don Carlos, who in 1991 made his debut with the classic 'Alone', one of the milestones of Italo House, gives us a pure deep reinterpretation of ‘First Contact’ - waves of atmospheric synths and delicate piano chords roll in, as blissful pads sway with a 909 drum.

A veteran of the national scene active since the 1980s, collector and master of the art of editing, Luca Trevisi, produces a rework of ‘First Impact’ under the LTJ Xperience moniker. An uptempo burner with his trademark cosmic boogie biz.

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