• 12inch


  • Cat No: SIREE01
  • 2020-02-11


12inch1690 JPY

DJ HARVEYプレイも話題の「Never Was Love」(sample1)筆頭にグッド・ディスコ、ブギー、ソウル・エディット。

ドイツDaniel KleinベテランDJチームSIRS!によるエディットだそうです。HARVEYもCONTACTでプレイしたという、AOR/ソウル・ジャズなRUSS LONGの 「Never Was Love」のエディット筆頭に、グッドエディット集! (サイトウ)

Track List

Born out of a desire to share a selection of personal DJ focused, dancefloor edits, that have been exclusively test run and hammered by DJ Harvey and Lovebirds for the past few months, SIRS kicks off this new label offshoot with four, slick, sweltering and powerful reworks that ooze class.

Secret weapons of the highest order, each edit reimagines it’s original from the mind of the DJ – anticipating the moves of the club and harnessing the power that deft touches, reshaped structures and expressive effects can make to the force and energy of a record.

As appropriate soundtracking the crescendo of a club night, as they would be scoring the backdrop to a hazy sunset these edits are a must have in any DJs record bag.

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