• 12inch

Tonal Unity Vol. 2

  • Cat No: TU13
  • 2020-11-29


12inch 2590 JPY


スローテクノ、モダン・エスノサウンドを中心に、韓国,日本を含むアジア圏を中心に実験的な音楽を送り出している、ソウル在住のAKIMBOが主宰する〈TONAL UNITY〉のレーベルコンピレーション第2弾。X.Y.R. は、NOT NOT FUN等からリリースするロシアのアーチストで、韓国の民族楽器を使ったアンビエント。Beck Junghyunは韓国のI & I DjangdanやWindy Cityといったフュージョン、サイケデリック・ジャムなバンドで活動してきた人だそうです。
CHILLMOUNTANクルーで現在ベルリンで活動、BARIO LINDOとも共作してるRYUJI ONO(O.R.)、 (HOLE AND HOLLAND)クルーMAMAZU(sample1)和や民謡のテイストも感じさつつ無国籍な霊性のスローテクノ。FORTUNATOはブラジル・サンパウロのトラックメーカーで「舎利弗」と名付けた楽曲を提供しています。(sample2)。アジアのスローダンスの現在を是非。 (サイトウ)

Tonal Unity is back with another modern take on Korean traditional sounds, presented here as the second in a series of 3 EPs. The raw and ancient sounds of Korea are interpreted by a cross-cultural selection of artists, each seeing them through their own cosmic prisms. Sit back, relax, and put a fresh cone in your incense burner for a trip to the hills in the land of morning calm.

X.Y.R. is a leading artist in Russia’s deeply creative ambient-not-ambient scene. “Bamboo Haze” pairs his signature lush exotica with Korean instrumentation to create a truly engrossing soundscape.

Beck Junghyun is a talented pianist and founding member of legendary Korean fusion groups like I & I Djangdan and Windy City. “Flow” sees Junghyun bringing her heavyweight bass and vocal to a laid-back tune fit for late nights, early mornings, or any moment of reflection.

Ryuji Ono aka O.R. is an Osaka-born and Berlin-based trackmaker with previous releases on great labels like Tropical Twista and Shika Shika. “Should Be There” combines the calm, dense power of his sound with Korean instrumentation for a lovely result.

Mamazu is a leading member of the downtempo scene in Tokyo, has released on a variety of nice labels, and has been remixed by Nicola Cruz for a release on his label Hole and Holland. “Blueprint” is a great example of his hypnotic style, utilizing Korean Minyo vocal samples to great effect.

Fortunato is an up-and-coming trackmaker from São Paulo Brazil, having released on labels like Shango, Ohxala, and Random Collective. “Sharihotsu” is named in reference to a disciple of Buddha who knew all the teachings to attain enlightenment, but did not know how to put it into practice.

DJ Bowlcut is a prominent Seoul producer and champion turntablist, known for his live analog sets of lo-fi house and saturated electro. “Dream Valley” sees him slowing the tempo a bit, playfully utilizing a sample of the Korean taepyeongso in a hazy mood.

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